What Is Female Pelvic Pain And Arousal Disorders?

Female Pelvic Pain

Pain disorders can be due to pain during penetrative sex or vaginismus that is spasms of a pelvic floor that make it painful to have intercourse.

What happens if the woman is having pain during sex, or she may have hurt while she is putting a tampon in, or any things that involve something being inserted into the vagina.

Painful sex can be treated a myriad of different ways.

Quick Note
One of the most widespread ways we treat painful sex is through pelvic floor physical therapy.

Often the pelvic flow or is malfunctioning. Either it is clamped up in a tight high-toned position, or it is not functioning at all. When the pelvic floor is not functioning properly, it can cause pain during sexual relations. So a pelvic floor physical therapy is a common treatment for pain disorders.

Now, muscular pain is widespread. Sometimes just like if you hold your arm in a certain position all the time if you have all kind of tension in there, it is going to hurt all over that area. And that is the kind of pain that women often experience with that high-tone pelvic floor disorder. So pelvic floor physical therapy is a hallmark treatment for pelvic pain disorders.

Also sometimes we need to use medicines to help with the spasms or the pain. Sometimes we use the local treatment right in the vaginal area, and sometimes we use a systemic drug to treat the pain.

We are often able to treat pain disorders, through medications, through pelvic floor physical therapy.

Learn more about female pelvic pain here – nhs.

Female Arousal Disorder

Sometimes you have the drive for sex, but you just don’t become excited or aroused, the genitals don’t become engorged with blood. There some different topical creams and ointments that can be given to help you become more engorged in that area. There are various treatments that we use: medications as well as things that bring more blood to the genitalia. These treatments are prescribed individually. And what happens is we figure out what would be the best to draw blood to the genitalia and help you to become aroused.

It is important that you do this under the supervision of the healthcare professional because it is going to vary according to your needs and what will help most with your arousal.

Arousal disorder is a problem with blood flow or engorgement to the genitalia. And so all of the treatments are aimed at bringing more blood flow to the genitalia.